Wolfburn Single Malt Review

This is the inaugural release from the Wolfburn distillery that was bottled in March 2016. It’s 3 years old and bottled at 46% ABV.

Nose: Heavy putty and pastry dough notes up front turning floral as new make notes come flooding in – subtle citrus and peach notes in background.

Palate: New make notes very heavy here with raw grains and acetone – still maintains the floral/doughy characteristics from the nose.

Finish: Very short and bland – gone in a flash.

Rating: 68/100 – Way too young and uninteresting at this point – there are some interesting qualities there that I’d like to see develop with more aging, but for now it’s more of a curiosity then something I’d buy a bottle of to enjoy.

Value for the money: These retail a little north of $50 which is overpriced given the quality – not sure I’d buy this at any price. If anything, try it at a bar if you’re curious.

One thought on “Wolfburn Single Malt Review”

  1. You’re just plain wrong on this one. Yes it is practically new make but the distillery character shines through. It is a very nice dram foreshadowing great things in the future.

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