Willett XCF 1.0 Review

This is a 7 year NDP rye that was finished in Grand Marnier casks and bottled at 51.7% ABV.

Nose: Subtle rye with huge sweeping notes of citrus and orange peel. Very sweet overall with the orange overtaking most of it.

Palate: Sweet and tart up front – rye is there but overpowered by orange zest. The high level of tartness seems to amplify the ABV to make it quite hot.

Finish: Oak finally appears with rye and citrus fading after a few moments.

Rating: 87/100 – If you like sweeter ryes this will be right up your alley. Strikes me more as a dessert dram than a daily sipper.

Value for the money: I paid around $140 for this when it came out which I would not pay again. I’d like to see this closer to $60 or so.

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