Willett 9 Bourbon (Barrel 182) Review

This is a 9 year Willett Family Estate bourbon that was selected by Liquor Barn (Barrel #182). It is bottled at 60.9%.

Nose: Quite fruity for a Willett – reminds me of a Four Roses OESO single barrel profile. Cinnamon, custard, smoked meats.

Palate: Complex mix of spices, strawberries & cream, mild oak, and slight smoke.

Finish: Berries and spiced oak with notes of tobacco.

Rating: 92/100 – This is one of the best WFE single barrels I’ve had – hits all my favorite type of notes for a young, barrel strength bourbon.

Value for the money: Guessing this was round $80 at retail which I would gladly pay – no idea if these go on the secondary much. If they’re on there, I suspect they’d be closer to $150-$200 which I would pass on.

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