Willett 24/94 Rye Review

This is one of the most legendary ryes that Willett has produced. It was a 24 year rye bottled for Bonili (a Japanese liquor store) at 47% ABV.

Nose: Like burying your nose in freshly sliced loaf of rye bread. Dijon mustard atop sweeping waves of buttery rye – oak is perfectly melded with other notes. A little bit of caramel, but little sweetness overall.

Palate: Oak is heavy handed turning almost slightly bitter. Rye is dominant but lacks a lot of the more rich, savory notes from the nose.

Finish: Primarily an earthy oak with rye lingering for a short while.

Rating: 90/100 – Very good – as with all very old ryes, it’s hard for me to not get a bit of overoaked vibe on the palate/finish.

Value for the money: These are astronomical in price along with other very old, well regarded ryes. This is probably $1500+ at this point which is an easy pass.

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