Willett 24/110 Rye Review

This is one of the most legendary ryes that Willett has produced. It was a 24 year rye bottled for Bonili (a Japanese liquor store) at 55% ABV.

Nose: Rye without some of the typical fresh rye bread I get from these old ryes. Oak and vanilla play a prominent role with a bit of anise.

Palate: Big rye with nice vanilla custard notes. Quite spicy on the rear palate.

Finish: Rye keeps the oak at bay and remains for a long time with some nutmeg.

Rating: 93/100 – Not as much bitterness/soapy notes I get with some 20+ year ryes.

Value for the money: This goes for $1,500+ – probably closer to $2,000. It’s good, but certainly not that good. I’d pay up to $150 if this were available at retail.

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