Wild Turkey Tribute (US Version) Review

Wild Turkey Tribute was a 15 year expression bottled at 50.5% ABV. There was a US and Japanese release with the Japanese release only being different in that it was bottled at 55% ABV.

Nose: Classic older Wild Turkey profile – sweet cupcake like nose with a lot of spiced oak – almost seems wheated with the sweet/buttery notes.

Palate: On the palate, fairly reminiscent of the Wild Turkey Donut bottle – fairly oak heavy with a peppery grain – caramel and molasses.

Finish: Oak dominant with a bit of sweet corn – lasts for a good while.

Rating: 92/100 – A great older Wild Turkey, but not sure I’d put it that much above some of the other classic bottles from 80s/90s e.g. Donut, Cheesy Gold Foil, Split Label, etc.

Value for the money: I paid $25 for a pour of this at Delilah’s in Chicago and would easily recommend trying it for that much. Full bottles go for $800-$1000 which is an easy pass.

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