Wild Turkey Split Label Review

This is an older Wild Turkey expression that was the followup to the Cheesy Gold Foil starting in the early/mid 90s. It’s a 12 year expression bottled at 50.5% ABV.

Nose: Really big grain forward nose with vanilla bean, charred oak, fresh cracked pepper, and honey.

Palate: Honey mingling with spiced oak – very grain forward. Barrel char adds a slightly smoky note. Not nearly as sweet as its predecessor (Cheesy Gold Foil)

Finish: Sweet honey left on tip of the tongue with corn and oak lingering.

Rating: 91/100 – Very good, but can’t stand up to the Cheesy Gold Foil in my mind.

Value for the money: These run about $200-$250 currently on the secondary, but for older Turkey I’d recommend saving up a bit more and buying a Cheesy Gold Foil instead.

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