Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Review

This is a single barrel expression from Wild Turkey that is NAS (but assumed to be roughly 8 to 10 years old) and bottled at 50.5% ABV.

Nose: Black cherry, dried banana slices, apricot, white pepper, and wood chips. All in all a very fruity nose – similar to Brown-Forman profile for me.

Palate: Cherry cola turning into burnt oak and fresh grains. I found the fruits from the nose mostly disappeared here.

Finish: Cola and oak dominant with slight sour cherry notes lingering.

Rating: 83/100 – This is one of the better modern WT expressions for me.

Value for the money: This retails for around $50-$60 which isn’t too bad, but I’d like to see this closer to $40 given all the bourbon it competes with at the higher price.

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