Wild Turkey 17 (Japan only release) Review

This is a 17 year Wild Turkey expression that was only released in Japan and is no longer produced. It’s bottled at 50.5% ABV.

Nose: Fantastic – lofty and rich with waves of brown sugar and cinnamon sticks blended with bold rye spice, star anise, and new leather.

Palate: Big butterscotch notes up front before the spice from the rye kicks in alongside charred oak, star anise, fresh earth, and faint wisps of smoke.

Finish: Peppercorns and burnt oak linger alongside the rye spice for some time.

Rating: 93/100 – A very good Wild Turkey expression – every time I have one of these old expressions from them, it makes me sad that they don’t make anything like this anymore.

Value for the money: I don’t see these very often, but the last one I saw sell went for $510, but I would expect these go anywhere between that and $700 on the secondary. I wouldn’t buy a bottle at those prices.

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