Thomas H Handy Rye 2015 Review

This is the 2015 release of the Thomas H Handy rye. It’s an NAS expression that is assumed to be around 6 years old, and it’s bottled at 63.45% ABV.

Nose: Warm, buttery rye bread heavy on the yeast notes. Cocoa powder/rich fudge with butterscotch notes.

Palate: Bold rye with peppery oak, tobacco, vanilla, fresh mint, and chocolate covered cherries.

Finish: Heat is quite strong on finish and washes out some of the notes except dry oak and fresh ground rye grains.

Rating: 90/100 – Typically one of my favorite of the BTAC releases as it really is close to the sweet spot for me in the age of rye whiskies I prefer.

Value for the money: If found at retail, it’s a great buy at $80 or so. This is the cheapest of the BTAC on secondary and can usually be found for around $200 which is a bit too much for me personally.

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