The Hampden Roar 30 Year Highland Single Malt Review

This is a 30 year single malt from an undisclosed distillery. It was bottled as a promo for British Telecom’s (BT) sponsorship of the Scottish national stadium. There were only 50 bottles, and they were bottled at 55% ABV.

Nose: Wisps of smoke with apples and pears behind turning quite lemony after a bit. A fair amount of brine is present throughout along with bright, perhaps slightly sherried, oak.

Palate: Quite peppery with plenty of citrus and brine – slightly charred oak with pineapples and pears. Again seems very lightly sherry finished perhaps.

Finish: A lot of pineapple with dry oak and white pepper.

Rating: 88/100 – Quite good overall. My first guess at the distillery was Clynelish, but after a few minutes, I made up my mind on Highland Park once the smoke/brine hit me – it was very reminiscent of the HP 25 to me. The person I purchased this sample from also guessed it was Highland Park.

Value for the money: Since there were only 50 bottles of this, you don’t see it very often, but I do see a couple auction results. I bought into a sample at around a $210 valuation, and I think that’s a pretty fair price given the quality and uniqueness of this bottle.


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