Talisker 57° North Review

This is a NAS expression from Talisker that was bottled at 57%.

Nose: Very briny with a smoldering pile of leaves, raw carrots, tobacco, and cereal notes. Smoke note is very strong throughout.

Palate: Surprisingly bitter with some funky oak – I was expecting more of that salty/briny quality from the nose, but it’s oddly lacking. Heavy smoke and vegetal notes.

Finish: Vegetal notes and rotting oak persist – reminiscent of a manzanilla sherry for me.

Rating: 80/100 – The nose was fairly interesting, but the rest didn’t come together for me. A little too heavy on the vegetal notes for my preference.

Value for the money: These appear to retail around $75-$100 which is an easy pass in my book. Spend a bit more and get a Talisker 18 instead.

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