Speyside Region 41 Whisky-Fassle 1975/2016 Review

This is a 41 year expression bottled by Whisky-Fassle from an undisclosed distillery aged in a Fino sherry butt and bottled at 47.4% ABV.

Nose: Wow – cinnamon and pink starburst, honey, cardamom, watermelon, buttered toast, vanilla, strawberry smoothie. A big fruit bomb with some really good spice notes balancing it out.

Palate: Golden raisins soaked in vanilla, buttered bread, cinnamon dusted granny smith apples, poached pears, strawberry shortcake – again loads of fruits with some nice spices to balance.

Finish: Brown sugar & cinnamon with poached pears, lavender, and peach sorbet.

Rating: 94/100 – Phenomenal – I didn’t know much about this one going into it, but I was blown away. Reminds me of my favorite elements of Clynelish, Lochside, and old Caperdonich all rolled into one.

Value for the money: When these were released they retailed around €330 from what I could find online, and I would gladly buy at that price. Guessing you’d have to go to auction to find one at this point, but I’d still go a little above retail for this bottling.