Strathisla 42 (Gordon & MacPhail 1969/2012) Review

This is a 42 year sherried Strathisla that was bottled by G&M in 2012 at 43% ABV.

Nose: Super fruity and rich sherry right up front – maraschino cherries, blueberries, brown sugar, and raisins. Fruits are slightly tempered with some nutmeg and leather – oak is surprisingly muted given its age.

Palate: Oak much heavier here as expected, but still loads of fruit from the sherry. Some cinnamon butter appears with milk chocolate.

Finish: Mostly oak now as the fruits fade, but not too tannic which minimizes the bitterness here.

Rating: 92/100 – I love these old sherried Strathislas – they really strike the right balance of oak/sherry despite their age.

Value for the money: I bought into a sample split where the bottle was purchased at $535 – I wouldn’t buy a bottle at that price, but given its age, it’s a relatively decent price.