Springbank Society 14 Year 1995/2010 Review

This is a 14 year Springbank that was released to the Springbank Society. It was aged in fresh sherry pipes which is interesting as I’ve never seen sherry pipe maturing – I’ve only seen port pipes. It was bottled at 57.1% ABV. I didn’t actually know there was sherry involvement as I hadn’t seen the full label, and I wouldn’t have really guessed it was sherried when I tried it as you’ll see in my notes below.

Nose: Briny with some mustard seed and sauteed mushrooms, mossy/earthy oak with some bright clementine notes in the background.

Palate: Coriander, briny malt, very peppery/spicy with a lot of heat on the tip of the tongue, musty oak, slightly herbal with some cinnamon sticks in the background.

Finish: Musty oak and cloves with some subtle vegetal notes.

Rating: 87/100 – As mentioned above, I didn’t know this was sherry matured when I tasted it, and it doesn’t really come through – if anything, I could see it being some type of Fino or Manzanilla sherry even based on the woody/vegetal notes. All in all a nice dram though with some classic Springbank characteristics.

Value for the money: Can’t really find any current price data – they were going at auction a few years ago around €90 or so, and I think that’s a good price if it can be found around that price.

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