Springbank 17 Sherry Wood Review

This is a 17 year Springbank that was matured in sherry oak casks and bottled at 52.3% ABV.

Nose: Brighty, funky malt with some putty and dry oak – orange marmalade emerging after a minute with some yeast notes in the background. Not a very fruity sherry influence on the nose at least.

Palate: Musty oak, quite malty full of dough and yeast with bright citrus notes. Turns slightly grassy with the oak taking on more of a sawdust profile – sherry is minimal but slightly sulphury.

Finish: Funky/bitter oak with slightly sulphury sherry lingering as it turns quite dry.

Rating: 82/100 – The sherry notes are very weak, and to be honest, if I tried this blind, I wouldn’t be 100% sure it was sherried (except the sulphur note might be the only giveaway).

Value for the money: I think I paid around $160 for this, and it’s an easy pass for me anywhere near that price.

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