Springbank 12 Claret Wood Review

This is a 12 year Springbank that was matured in a refill bourbon barrel for 9 years before being finished for 3 years in fresh Claret casks. It’s bottled at 54.4% ABV.

Nose: Funky Springbank malt up front with the Claret notes struggling to poke through the malt and oak. Some plums and black cherries and some milk chocolate.

Palate: Claret notes are much more prominent here than on the nose with cherry candies, strawberries, almost overly sweet with some musty oak.

Finish: Funky malt returns as the musty oak remains – wine notes fade rapidly.

Rating: 87/100 – I find most of these 12 year Springbank wine/sherry finished bottles to be fairly solid/consistent. This one is no different, but I wish the wine was a bit more prevalent on the nose/finish.

Value for the money: I believe this originally retailed around $70-80, and I think that’s a fair price. I wouldn’t pay much over that if it’s found at auction/on the shelf somewhere for a higher price.

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