Smooth Ambler Old Scout ‘Doug Dogz’ Review

This was a barrel pick by the same Doug from Doug’s black ink Willett bottles and several other well known WFE picks from the past. It’s an 8 year bourbon bottled at 61.9% ABV.

Nose: Very strong oak – way stronger than I would expect for an 8 year. Brown sugar, dark chocolate with the sweetness cut out from the oak.

Palate: Fairly sweet up front chased by intense freshly sawn oak and vanilla. Very similar to other SAOS bourbons I’ve had.

Finish: Fairly long, butterscotch, vanilla and oak.

Rating: 84/100 – A nice barrel proof SAOS, but wish the oak were dialed down a bit.

Value for the money: These went for over $200 eventually, but they aren’t any better than a typical single barrel SAOS you can get at liquor stores for around $50.

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