Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8 Year Rye (SF Wine Trading Company) Review

This is an 8 year rye from Smooth Ambler that was selected by the SF Wine Trading Company and bottled at 59.7% ABV.

Nose: Has to be MGP distillate based on the nose – tons of fresh dill alongside freshly ground rye grain, slight mustard note along with some acetone.

Palate: Again, massive dill up front along with the rye. Very heavy mustard spice like profile again which is a letdown personally as I really don’t like mustard.

Finish: Turns hot briefly before becoming very dry and bitter/herbal.

Rating: 72/100 – This one is hampered for me by the big dill and mustard notes. It’s something I find in MGP ryes, but this one had them dialed up to 11 somehow. If you like those notes, this may be right up your alley.

Value for the money: Guessing this retailed for around $50-$60, and I would not buy one of these particular bottles at that price, but in general SAOS ryes (if you can find them anymore) make a good buy at that price.

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