Smooth Ambler Contradiction Review

Contradiction is a blend of a 2 year old wheated bourbon from Smooth Ambler and a 9 year Old Scout bourbon with low rye mashbill bottled at 50% ABV.

Nose: Weird nose – lots of oak despite relative youth of the two components. Seems to flip between the wheated bourbon and rye from the Old Scout. Contradiction seems like an appropriate name in this case.

Palate: Sawdust and wheat up front with rye and earthy notes emerging on mid-palate alongside vanilla and toffee. Tastes a bit hotter than 50%.

Finish: Bizarre finish – woody rye with a bit of sweet wheat remaining.

Rating: 83/100 – An interesting experiment, but more of a novelty drink than something I want to drink a bottle of. Never really came together for me, but the individual components are good.

Value for the money: Think these retailed for around $60, but I would pass at most prices. This is one I recommend you try a sample of first.

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