Rosebank 21 (1990/2011) Review

This is a 21 year Rosebank OB that was bottled in 2011 at 53.8% ABV.

Nose: Bright, flowery malt with yeast, chocolate fudge, damp oak, vanilla frosting, and a dollop of honey.

Palate: Blast of pepper and salt with floral malt, cream cheese and marzipan add some rich elements as the oak gets much heavier and full of vanilla.

Finish: Mostly dry oak here with some honey and bread dough.

Rating: 85/100 – Well balanced, but a bit simplistic in profile for me. One of the better lowlands I’ve had though.

Value for the money: These can currently be found around $500 retail, but it’s a very easy pass for me at that price. I’d pay up to $100-$125 personally.

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