Rittenhouse 23 Review

There were three big Rittenhouse ryes (21, 23, and 25) that were discontinued a few years back. This was distilled by Heaven Hill and bottled at 50% ABV.

Nose: Big rye with heavy floral profile and almost a bourbon like sweetness – odd in that its not as peppery/earthy as I’d expect. Buttered popcorn notes emerge after a bit.

Palate: Floral rye with sweeter oak turning to sour vanilla. Again seems to have big bourbon influence with vanilla and brown sugar notes.

Finish: Super bitter, soapy, and dominated by oak. Sadly I find the finishes on these very old ryes to be disappointing most of the time.

Rating: 85/100 – Nice strong floral notes throughout, but bad finish hampers it a bit.

Value for the money: These are selling for close to $1,000 or more on the secondary and they aren’t worth that. The world of these hyper aged ryes is an expensive one sadly. I’d pay up to $99 at retail if it were still available.

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