Ranger Creek .36 Batch 38 Review

This is a “small barrel” aged bourbon that was aged for 11 months before being bottled at 48% ABV. You can tell the small barrel certainly has an effect on the color as this appears as dark as a 15-20 year bourbon.

Nose: Young grain with some new make notes, heavy cinnamon, an odd savory note that I can only describe as sauteed mushrooms, and some cloves at the tail end.

Palate: Cloves and cinnamon dominant up front followed by the young grains/fresh oak notes with a bit of an herbal twist.

Finish: Cinnamon red hots, nutmeg, turns a bit herbal/bitter as it dries out.

Rating: 77/100 – Interesting to try something aged in small barrels to help speed up the aging process. It certainly tastes more mature than 11 months, but even with the small barrel, it can’t fully mask its youth.

Value for the money: Looks like these retail around $36 for a 375ml – that’s quite pricey for something this young, but interesting to try an experiment like this. I’m surprised you don’t see more new/start up distilleries doing this to help get their products tasting a bit more mature until they have time to fully age some of their stock.

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