Pikesville Rye (40%) Review

This is the non cask strength NAS version of Pikesville Rye that pre-dates the now semi-common 55% ABV 6 year version.

Nose: Very bread/yeast forward with rye/caraway seeds. Slight nail polish remover note indicates young age.

Palate: Rye is faint – watery overall with young oak and subtle coconut.

Finish: Disappears in a flash leaving just a small hint of rye.

Rating: 72/100 – Well, after having the newer 6 year 55% ABV expression, I can’t help but feel sorely disappointed in this expression. It falls flat pretty much all around and is too watered down to really enjoy neat.

Value for the money: I haven’t seen these in awhile, but retail is around $15 and I would easily pass and just buy the cask strength version instead for $50-$60.

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