PHC 1 Review

This is the first batch (and first dump) of PHC 1. The first dump is considered the best of the three by the bourbon community and as the best of all the PHC. It’s a 10 year cask strength bourbon bottled at 63.7% ABV.

Nose: Lofty rich bourbon nose with cinnamon spice, overripe bananas, tobacco, and charcoal.

Palate: Woody and hot with pipesmoke, loads of spice, black pepper. Almost like a refined George T. Stagg.

Finish: Dry and rich oak with tobacco and leather.

Rating: 95/100 – One of the best bourbons I’ve had – all the quintessential bourbon notes in a perfect balance.

Value for the money: These go for $1200+ on the secondary, and I can’t recommend it at that price. I’d pay up to $200 retail for one of these.

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