Orphan Barrel Old Blowhard Review

This was the second release from Diageo’s Oprhan Barrel program, and it’s a 26 year Old Bernheim distilled bourbon bottled at 45.35% ABV.

Nose: Very nice – heavy lemon juice notes cutting through damp hickory chips, burnt vanilla, and creme brulee. Some fresh pine needle notes develop after a few minutes.

Palate: Bold candied orange notes up front followed by a bitter, smoked oak with toasted marshmallows, brown sugar, and a bit of a kick from black pepper.

Finish: Citrus lingers alongside old, weathered oak that’s turned only slightly bitter (surprising for the age).

Rating: 90/100 – One of the best Orphan Barrel bottles in my mind – impressive that’s it’s not a bitter oak fest given the 26 year age statement.

Value for the money: It’s been a couple years since this came out, and I believe it retailed between $150-$200. I would purchase a bottle around the $150 mark if it was still available most likely. Secondary prices have gone above $400 for this one, and with all secondary prices in my mind, it’s not worth it on there.

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