Old Pulteney 21 Review

This particular Old Pulteney 21 was from a friend’s bottle from 2012. I don’t expect it changes much year over year, but some malts are known to be better some years over others. This 21 year expression is bottled at 46%. It won some notoriety when it was announced as the Whisky of the Year in the 2012 Whisky Bible by Jim Murray.

Nose: Extraoridnarily briny with damp vegetal notes. Muddled fruits mixed with a decomposing oak with a hint of cigarette smoke.

Palate: Mostly brine again with strong oak – fruits become a bit less muddled and come through as an underripe strawberry primarily. Smoky malt lingers in the background

Finish: Malt emerges and lasts a long time supported by a bit of aged oak and pipe tobacco

Rating: 88/100 – Quite a smoky dram, but complex and unique in its own right.

Value for the money: I believe these are retailing for around $120-$140 these days which isn’t too far off base for what you get.

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