Old Mock Review

Old Mock is a Stitzel-Weller distilled bourbon that was distilled in 1916 and bottled in 1933. I tried this at Delilah’s in Chicago as it was kind of a once in a lifetime bottle for me – I had never had any pre-prohibition before and couldn’t say no despite the hefty price tag.

Nose: Possibly the most buttery nose I’ve encountered in bourbon. Sweeping wheat notes with intense vanilla bean. Oak influence is surprisingly minimal for a 17 year old bourbon.

Palate: Oak much more evident here with a decayed profile, but lacks the musty cardboard profile I get from a lot of other old bourbons (50s/60s distillate). Still quite buttery with rich cake batter.

Finish: Butterscotch and sweet wheat with a bit of caramel and oak – brilliant finish overall

Rating: 95/100 – One of the best bourbons I’ve had. I’m partial to wheated bourbons in the first place, but this was something truly special.

Value for the money: It runs $150 an oz at Delilahs, but I’d still recommend it as it’s one of the few opportunities (if not the only) that most people have to try something this old.

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