Old Grand-Dad Bonded Review

This is a core expression in the Old Grand-Dad line from Jim Beam which is bottled at 50% ABV.

Nose: Very sweet and full of fruit punch and bananas – slightly reminiscent of Brown-Forman banana notes. Honey and a very mild oak round out the profile.

Palate: Funky oak with cinnamon up front before turning into sour, fermented fruits and ginger. Quite dry and yeasty overall.

Finish: Sour, rotten apples with an acrid oak with cloves.

Rating: 66/100 – The nose was promising for a budget bourbon, but things fell apart quickly for me on palate/finish. It was genuinely hard to go back to after the first few sips as the finish was so off-putting. Quite surprised by this as I really enjoy some other OGD expressions (especially OGD 114).

Value for the money: It only retails for $20-$25, so not a big investment, but based on my experience with this sample, I would not recommend it in general.

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