Old Forrester Signature Review

This is a part of Brown-Forman’s Old Forrester line which is NAS and bottled at 50% ABV.

Nose: Very light and delicate overall – rich vanilla chased by classic BF sweet fruits: green apple, bananas, and apricot. Oak is very subtle and telling me this is probably around 4-6 years old. Brown sugar and caramel notes toward the back.

Palate: Tastes quite hot for 50% ABV. Vanilla, caramel, and fruits up front with oak mingled with leather and vegetal notes.

Finish: Short and dry while slightly sweet and nutty with vanilla.

Rating: 83/100

Value for the money: These retail for around $20 which isn’t bad, but I’d probably rather buy an OGD 114 at that price.

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