Mortlach 16 (Signatory Vintage K&L Selection Cask #1) Review

This is a Signatory Vintage Mortlach 16 selected by K&L Wines. It was distilled in 1998, finished in an Oloroso Sherry for 33 months, and bottled in 2014 at 55.8% ABV.

Nose: Crips, clean sherry up front with damp oak, a little smoke, and barley coming through clearly. Slightly musty note overall, but love the distinct sherry/malt side by side.

Palate: Sherry turns subtler with a myriad of spices. Oak presents older here with a citrusy note.

Finish: Bold finish with a lot of peppered malt, sherry, and oak pulling back a bit.

Rating: 85/100 – enjoyable but fairly plain all around. The sherry influence is there enough to make it interesting, but seemed to fall a bit short.

Value for the money: This was $99 at K&L when it was released, and I’d say it would fit more comfortably in the $70 range.

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