Mortlach 16 Flora & Fauna Review

The Flora and Flauna series is a set of expressions from lesser known/not as common distilleries from Diageo. Since this bottle released a few years back, I’ve seen Mortlach picking up more and more steam and coming more into the mainstream to a degree. This is a 16 year expression bottled at 43%.

Nose: Odd, musty sherry – reminds me of a manzanilla finish with a bit of oloroso. Very vegetal heavy all around with prominent oak with some vanilla and brine.

Palate: Sherry takes a sweeter turn here with a bit of citrus. Bright malt, plenty of oak throughout but sweet and tangy overall

Finish: Sherry fades rapidly becoming quite dry and earthy

Rating: 84/100 – I’m not a big fan of manzanilla type sherry influence (not saying that’s the cask involved here, but it reminds me of that profile), but an interesting pour all around.

Value for the money: These retail between $125-$150 and I think it’s an easy pass there. I’d value this closer to $70-$80.

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