Midleton Dair Ghaelach Review

This Midleton expression was their first ever whisky finished in virgin Irish Oak casks. It’s made up of 15-22 year single pot still whiskys that were matured in ex-bourbon casks and married/finished in the Irish oak casks. It’s bottled at 58.2% ABV.

Nose: Heavy cinnamon, fresh milled barley, molasses, caramel, and charred oak.

Palate: Quite oak heavy up front with butterscotch, dark brown sugar, and black pepper emerging. The virgin Irish oak certainly stands out for better or worse.

Finish: Mango and pineapple emerge while the charred oak notes linger on.

Rating: 82/100 – Lately I’ve been really enjoying Irish expressions, but this one wasn’t loaded with those tropical fruit notes I love. The virgin oak certainly comes through and has a big influence, but unfortunately not a super positive influence for me.

Value for the money: These retail around $200+ and for me that’s an easy pass. Buy a Redbreast 21 instead for around the same cost.

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