Michter’s 25 Rye Review

This is a 25 year straight-rye from Michter’s bottled at 58.7%. It’s officially the oldest rye I’ve had and was excited to be able to try it at Delilah’s in Chicago.

Nose: Wow – what a stunning nose on this one. Raw dough with massive yeast notes with perfect oak complement. It’s like burying your face in a ball of damp, yeasty dough – the rye is surprisingly minmal. A bit of berries with cinnamon/nutmeg toward the end.

Palate: Sweeping rye notes take on a much earthier profile – less doughy overall, but still quite rich.

Finish: Bold rye with perfect level of oak and a bit of spice and yeast.

Rating: 95/100 – The best rye I’ve had – still think about this one from time to time.

Value for the money: These are going for close to $2,000 on the secondary (if not more). I paid $65 for an oz at Delilah’s, and I would gladly pay that again to try this.

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