Michter’s 10 Single Barrel (Batch 8e-2) Review

This is a 10 year single barrel from around 2008 I believe from Michter’s annual 10 year bourbon/rye single barrel releases. It was bottled at 47.2% ABV.

Nose: Dark red cherries, very sweet and lofty nose (strikes me as being wheated potentially?), butterscotch, and caramelized oak.

Palate: Sweet grains seeming wheated here again with brown sugar, biscuits, spiced oak, and heaps of butter.

Finish: Caramel hard candies and mild oak with black pepper.

Rating: 93/100 – The best Michter’s 10 single barrel I’ve had to date – a quintessential bourbon.

Value for the money: These old Michter’s 10s have exploded in price the last couple years on secondary – this one is probably $800+ I would venture to guess. The recent 10s haven’t been nearly as good, but make an ok buy at around $89-$99.

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