Longrow Red Fresh Port Casks Review

The Longrow Red expressions are a series of Longrow finished in a type of wine cask. So far, they’ve released Port, Pinot Noir, Australian Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is aged for 11 years and bottled at 51.8% ABV

Nose: The port stand out alongside intense peat. Dried herbs/leaves, campfire smoke, and thick molasses

Palate: Sugary port tinged with peat. Rich prunes and figs emerge as the port settles

Finish: Peat lingers with soft, sweet oak and spiced blend of dark and rich fruits

Rating: 90/100 – one of the best port finished peated whiskies I’ve had. Often times I find the port to be dominated by the peat or vice versa, but the balance in this expression is great.

Value for the money: These retail around $90-$100 which is a fair value in my mind.

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