Longrow 10 Sherrywood Review

This is an older OB from Longrow – a 10 year expression that I’m unsure if it was matured or finished in sherry casks. I’m assuming finished based on what I tasted, but I can’t find any definitive info.

Nose: Butyric acid with subtle sherry – qutie briny with some burning rubber among the minimal peat with some smoked fish.

Palate: Salty but sweet with some subtle fruits blended with the peat, some chalky notes are present with a bit of rubber carrying forward from the nose.

Finish: Disappears rather quickly with mostly the peat lingering.

Rating: 84/100 – Interesting to try a younger, sherry influenced Longrow, but the sherry doesn’t add a whole lot for me.

Value for the money: These are hard to find these days as they were bottled in early 2000s, but I believe this bottle was purchased around a $150-200 retail price point which I would not pay. I’d like to see this closer to $80-100 if it was still produced.

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