Longmorn 42 (G&M Reserve 1969/2011 Cask #5294) Review

This is a 42 year Longmorn that was matured in a first fill sherry cask and bottled in 2011 at 59.4% ABV.

Nose: Thick, meaty sherry with a cloud of oak and old, worn leather hanging over. Blueberry pie emerging after a bit alongside fresh ground pepper.

Palate: Tart berries up front before a blend of sherry and oak explode across the palate. Musty yet slightly sweet with pepper tossed toasted walnuts.

Finish: Vanilla and toffee notes develop as oak becomes bitter and tannic.

Rating: 88/100 – The oak is a bit overbearing on the palate/finish throwing it out of balance for me. Still very nice overall.

Value for the money: It looks like this originally retailed around €425 or so, and that’s not a terrible price for a 42 year malt, but I wouldn’t buy this particular bottle for that much.

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