Laphroaig Cairdeas Portwood Review

The Cairdeas series is an annual release from Laphroaig – this particular expression was released in 2013. It was finished in port casks and bottled at 51.3%.

Nose: Outwardly strikes me as being very similar to the Laphroaig 10 as the port doesn’t come through very heavily. It could be that’s it’s just hard to overpower the strength of the peat after only a finishing period in a port cask. Thick with peat, iodine, brine, embers from a dying fire, and a slight lemon curd.

Palate: Peat is bold up front with a bit of a szechuan peppercorn feel. Black pepper with citrus juice. Port is very minimal again sadly.

Finish: Long and warm with the smoke lingering on. Port finally emerges as the peat fades away.

Rating: 82/100 – Too bad it took so long for the port influence to really be noticeable at the finish.

Value for the money: These retailed for around $75 or so which is not worth the premium over some of their core expressions due to the very minimal port influence.

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