Laphroaig 20 (TWE Masterpiece 1996/2016) Review

This is a 20 year Laphroaig that was bottled as part of TWE’s Masterpieces line recently. It was matured in a PX sherry cask and bottled at 50.6% ABV.

Nose: Heavy butter notes up front (shortbread cookies), peat coming through cleanly with bold fudge notes, honey, and some subtle cherry. The chocolate notes are quite bold here.

Palate: Peat much more striking here taking on heavy smoke/ashy notes, some sulphur in background, but masked well by the peat – some cola notes coming through with a blend of baking spices. PX influence is noticeable but sadly no raisiny notes as I typically find in PX maturations.

Finish: Peat and fudge with ash and strong cherry cola notes linger for a long time.

Rating: 91/100 – I really enjoy sherry finished peated drams, and this one does it quite well. I do wish the PX was a bit more noticeable, but Laphroaig’s peat profile I find is often hard to overtake/blend as well with compared to other distilleries e.g. Longrow, Caol Ila, etc.

Value for the money: This retailed for around £200 I believe when it was released, and I think that’s on the very upper limit of what I would pay for this bottle.

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