Kilchoman Port Cask Review

This is a fairly young Kilchoman (distilled 2011/bottled 2014) that was matured in port casks before being bottled at 55% ABV.

Nose: Peat quite strong up front as to be expected for only a 3 year malt. Sweet cotton candy, loads of pepper and smoke, but very little port overall due to huge peat influence.

Palate: Peat and young oak with seawater and smoke. Slightly sugary from the port influence, but again it’s fairly minimal.

Finish: Still bold peat with oak and very subtle sugars from port.

Rating: 83/100 – The port maturation seems more like a novelty here as it struggles to overtake the peat in such a young malt.

Value for the money: These retailed for $99 which is too high for a 3 year old malt. I think this fits well around $50.

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