Kilchoman Oloroso Single Cask (2009/2014) Review

This is a 5 year single cask expression from Kilchoman that was matured in an oloroso cask and bottled at 57.9% ABV.

Nose: Dominant peat with a helping of sweet barbecue sauce – burnt brats with caramel, dried mushrooms, and a bit of tart fruits.

Palate: Peat overwhelming up front before mellowing as the sweeter sherry emerges with vanilla. Turns rather smoke heavy after a bit, but sherry continues to punch through.

Finish: Peat and vanilla linger with fresh oak and smoked brisket.

Rating: 85/100 – Pretty typical Kilchoman for me: young and brash with full-bodied peat and smoke with the sherry doing just enough work to become noticeable.

Value for the money: I’m guessing these retailed at $100-$125 based on their typical pricing, and I think at $100 it’s an ok buy, but not one I’d be highly motivated to seek out for that price. It would probably be a lock for me around $70-$80.

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