Kilchoman OB 2010/2015 (Binny’s selection Cask 318/2010) Review

This is a 5 year Kilchoman that was selected by Binny’s. It was aged in an ex-bourbon cask and bottled at 64.4% ABV.

Nose: Loads of butyric acid with extremely pungent peat bog. Campfire smoke, dried seaweed, stoneground mustard, and brine.

Palate: Very fresh peat with virgin oak notes alongside butyric acid and clay.

Finish: Mostly briny and peaty with fresh oak and burnt meat pieces.

Rating: 76/100 – A bit too much funk for me – especially on the butyric acid side.

Value for the money: This retailed around $100 I believe, and I’d pass on this one at that price. I generally find Kilchomans to be very overpriced based on their age/quality.

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