Johnnie Walker Red Label Review

This is the bottom end of the core lineup from Johnnie Walker blends. It’s NAS and bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Candied apples and pecans with a harsh turpentine note leaking through with some motor oil and artificial oak.

Palate: Very tasteless – almost like diluting rubbing alcohol down to 40%. There’s maybe a hint of oak in there, but mostly devoid of anything.

Finish: Again, nothing really here which makes sense given the lack of flavor on the palate.

Rating: 50/100 – Hard to score a whisky like this, but I figured 50 was fair as it’s not something I want to spit out as it really has no flavor. I can imagine you’d only buy a bottle of this as a mixer, but even then, you’re probably better suited buying something with at least a little flavor I would think.

Value for the money: I believe this retails around $20, and I just can’t think of a reason to buy it (except maybe as a gag gift for a scotch lover?).

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