Johnnie Walker Double Black Review

This was originally introduced as a duty-free expression 5 years ago or so. It’s similar to the Black label, but has more peaty/heavily charred casks involved in the blend. It’s bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Isopropyl notes with a very thick hospital/clinic type note to it – tennis balls, artificial oak, and lemon juice round out a bizarre and generally unpleasant nose.

Palate: Burnt oak, fresh grain cereal, and raw flour – quite bland overall without any of the stronger citrus notes I typically find in JW.

Finish: Really nothing left here except maybe the slightest hint of oak.

Rating: 61/100 – The nose was a pretty big turn off for me off the bat, and sadly it didn’t get much better (although those clinical notes faded thankfully).

Value for the money: I think these retail around $40 or so, and I would pass at pretty much any price.

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