Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Reserve Cask Finish Review

This is an NAS expression that was finished in wine barrels from the Groth winery for nine months. It’s bottled at 45.1% ABV.

Nose: Cinnamon raisin bread, buttery with some cloves, nutmeg, and pepper. All in all, not too sure I can detect any wine influence directly – I’m surprised it’s not very noticeable after nine months.

Palate: Oddly bland with new make notes, quite oak heavy with bold earth notes and a bit of grape juice tucked behind the oak.

Finish: Oak dominant with cloves again.

Rating: 74/100 – The wine finish doesn’t seem to add much here, and it’s often hard to pull off wine finishing on bourbon anyway. Even without the wine finish, it’s a fairly below average bourbon for me.

Value for the money: This retails around $90 I believe which is very overpriced. I think this should be priced around $45-55.

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