Jefferson’s Presidential Select (JPS) 18 Batch 14 Review

This is batch 14 of the JPS 18 expression that was discontinued several years back. The early batches were Stitzel Weller distillate, but nobody is 100% certain on which batch they started introducing part rye-mashbill distillate into the mix (rumor says after batch 16-18 or so). I’ve always assumed this Batch 14 to be SW distillate. This is bottled at 47% ABV.

Nose: Equal parts green apple and oak – very bright. Green apple has nice sweet/sour contrast. Rich brown sugar and vanilla follow up.

Palate: Green apple up front – mild oak taking on a bit of an earthy note.

Finish: Very long – green apple and oak here again with a bit of salt.

Rating: 92/100 – Not overly complex, but pretty delicious. I didn’t get as much of a SW wheat vibe, so possibly even batch 14 may not be SW distillate?

Value for the money: At the time I got this one, they were around $200 on the secondary – early batches are now $500+ so it’s definitely not worth that. I’d pay up to $100 if this were available in stores today.

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