James E Pepper 15 Year Rye Review

This is a 15 year NDP rye bottled at 45.65% ABV.

Nose: Prominent rye with a heap of dill (MGP distillate?)  – very bright all around with minimal oak influence. New leather along with blackberry preserves develop after a bit.

Palate: Tastes younger than 15 years on both the rye and oak front – not very spicy, but oddly quite fruity: apricots, banana, mango – some vanilla rounds it out.

Finish: Rye lingers with a singed oak and fruit cake – very long finish.

Rating: 93/100 – One of the best ryes I’ve had actually. Perfect blend of rye/oak as it hasn’t approached that soapy/bitter overoaked state that a lot of the very famous ryes have.

Value for the money:  I think this retailed for $150 which when compared to the other sought after ryes is a steal. Not sure if this is still being produced, but I’d gladly buy a bottle at that price.

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