James E Pepper 15 Year Bourbon Review

This is a 15 year NDP bourbon from the James E Pepper line bottled at 46% ABV.

Nose: Smells quite young – raw grains with rich vanilla, young oak, and dark brown sugar.

Palate: Anise and buttery corn with sweet caramel, vanilla, and a peppery oak.

Finish: Anise takes over fully with nutmeg and older oak.

Rating: 88/100 – I’d like a little more depth, but overall, a very good bourbon. I prefer the 15 year Rye, but I’m impressed with this one as well.

Value for the money: This retails for between $100-$125 I think, and I think it’s just a bit high. I’d be happy to pay around $75 for this bourbon all day though.

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