Jacob’s Well Review

This is a discontinued Jim Beam expression that was a bit controversial when it was heralded as a “micro-distilled” bourbon. Chuck Cowdery called them out and ended up losing access to Beam for awhile. It’s a 7 year old bourbon bottled at 42% ABV.

Nose: Some familiar Beam yeast, but different than newer Beam expressions. Heavy rye notes but slightly sweet like a whole grain bread.

Palate: Very fruity up front with earthy rye kicking in. Blueberry syrup, almonds, very little oak.

Finish: Astringent with rye and oak.

Rating: 84/100 – This was short-lived when it was released, but we’re not missing out on much with it being gone.

Value for the money: I paid $35 for this which is reasonable for what it is.

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